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YvonneDa Bomb 


       My love for this breed began in 2011 when I was wheedled into ​getting a pit bull.  I was extremely apprehensive to the idea, solely based on the stories in the media and the "monster" so many characterized pit bulls to be.  I wasn't knowledgeable in searching for a puppy at the time, so we turned to craigslist in search of puppies.  We found and ad and later that day went to pick up my very first pit bull, "Bella".  I was unaware at the time that she would become one of my greatest blessings and would change my life forever.  The following morning her playful behavior was overcome by insufferable pain and weakness.  We rushed her to the closest vet. She was full of worms and bacteria and had the lowest temperature the vet had ever seen.  The vets were doing everything they could,  and I was willing to do everything I needed to save her.  Being in the fight of her life at a mere 2 lbs, after a long struggle and lots of prayers, she pulled through.

     Bella has helped me through some of the worst of times and has given my life a new meaning.  I may have saved her, but little does she know she saved me.  I learned from my own experience to see the true loving and loyal nature of a pit bull .  Because of this, I have found my passion to not only be an advocate for this breed, but to educate the unknowledgeable and save the lives of the innocent.  Since then I have added 3 MORE pitties to my pack.   Pits are like pit-tato chips, you can't have just one.

     I am taken back everyday by this breed's ability to trust humans after the condition we find them in.  From beaten, abandoned or worse...Their heart still remains full of love and compassion.  The overwhelming sense of relief and gratitude they show when they are finally safe from harm is unparallelled.  Their willingness to forgive is astonishing.  There are no words to explain how genuinely rewarding it is to be a part of rescue for this breed.   It is without a doubt an honor to have cofounded Good Lif3 with an incredible group that share the same passion.   Our experience with this breed is in fact the cornerstone of why Good Lif3 Bully Rescue was formed.  We invite you to open your minds and your hearts.  Follow us on our journey to make a difference and continue to fight for those who, without us, wouldn't have a chance.   We at #goodlif3 believe #everydogdeservesagoodlif3

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