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 I never really had an opinion regarding pit bull type dogs.  Hadn’t been around any and really didn’t pay much attention to media hype.  I suppose that’s why I didn’t think twice when I saw our girl Valentina running on a busy freeway under pass in Houston.  She was looking for food and ran into a fried chicken restaurant that was connected to a gas station.  People were screaming to “get that dog out of here” ~ so I picked her up and put her in my back seat.  I really had NO idea where I was going to take her—just knew that my husband would NOT be happy with me picking up ANOTHER stray.  Well, my answer to him when I carried her in the house….”what was I supposed to do?!? Just leave her there?!?”  The rest is history.  We began volunteering at a local pit bull shelter almost three years ago and that has led us to where we are now with our rescue GoodLif3. Our Valentina is the reason.  <3

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