This beauty has a mysterious story to tell. We aren’t too sure about her past. After being saved her belly began to show and “Surprise! 10 babies were born” 

She was an amazing mama which leads us to believe this was not her first. We started to notice she was chewing her nails and they kept getting infected. She has scars along her paw that healed, but we believe their is still bacteria that is hiding in her paws and nails. It is not contagious and minus the occasional irritation it does not affect her day to day life. We are currently working with a holistic vet here in Houston who is addressing not only her nails, but the root cause of her repeat infections. Mae quickly became part of the pack and feels comfortable around both people, children, and dogs. She is beyond ready to spread her wings and find her sweet forever!

Mae is 4 years old, 55 pounds, up to date on shots, spayed, and microchipped. Please email or fill out an application if you are interested in Mae.